Omni Bridgway has more than 30 years of experience in supporting organisations, companies and consumers across the full spectrum of legal cases. Not all cases are public. Please find below an overview of the most recent and interesting initiatives:

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Elevator Cartel

The European Commission has fined elevator and escalator manufacturers €992 million for operating cartels for the installation and maintenance of lifts and escalators in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Between at least 1995 and 2004, these companies rigged bids for procurement contracts, fixed prices and allocated projects to each other, shared markets and exchanged commercially important and confidential information. The effects of this cartel may continue for twenty to fifty years as maintenance is often done by the companies that installed the equipment in the first place; by cartelising the installation, the companies distorted the markets for years to come. The Elevator Cartel Compensation Foundation demands compensation for damages sustained by institutional investors, municipalities, and retail or (public) transport organizations.

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Air Cargo Cartel

In November 2010, the European Commission imposed fines of nearly €800 million on 11 major air cargo carriers who participated in a price-fixing cartel, from December 1999 to February 2006, in the airfreight services market covering flights from, to and within the European Economic Area. The cartel arrangements consisted of numerous contacts between airlines, at both bilateral and multilateral level to fix the level of fuel and security surcharges. The Cartel Compensation Foundation demands compensation for damages sustained by leading manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, electronic components, clothing or perishables, representing millions of affected pieces of freight and far over a billion euro in expenses.

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The flight refund website.


On the consumer and corporate side, our German activity helps passengers claim for delayed and cancelled flights. If your plane was delayed or cancelled, click here to file a claim.

The spanish legal reclaims website.

Spanish Legal Reclaims

In a collaboration with Roland ProzessFinanz, Spanish Legal Reclaims helps affected consumers reclaim inheritance and gift taxes, real estate off plan deposits and mortgage interests. Details here

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