The Foundation

Filing a successful action against defendants who have deep pockets and are legally sophisticated entails high costs and risks, that many claimants alone may not be prepared to bear.

It is for this reason that the Trucks Cartel Compensation Foundation (the “Foundation”) was set up to organise and manage a European collective action against the truck manufacturers.

The aim is to obtain compensation for the damage incurred by purchasers and lessees of trucks. To attain this objective, the Foundation has filed suit in the jurisdiction of the Netherlands, which is internationally recognised as efficient and favourable to European cartel damage claims.

Based on our cartel litigation experience, a judgment or settlement that does justice to the actual loss incurred can only be reached if a very solidly prepared and documented legal case is brought in an appropriate court. By appointing the best lawyers, economists and other experts in this matter, the Foundation has maximised the potential for a successful recovery of damages.

By joining our initiative, claimants assign their claims for damages against the trucks cartel to the Foundation against a deferred purchase price. The Foundation functions as a central entity to claim damages incurred by all parties that have assigned their claim to it. This model ensures process efficiency and group strength.

The Foundation takes all financial risk regarding the legal actions against the truck manufacturers.

The Foundation finances and bears all risk for the following:

  1. the court fees for all instances of the claim and in all relevant courts.

  2. all lawyer fees in every relevant country and across all instances.

  3. all external expert advice required for durable evidence.

The Foundation has a multi-million Euro budget for these expenses, enabling successful completion of the case far exceeding the power of an individual participant.

The Foundation is managed and funded by Omni Bridgeway. The highly experienced team of professionals at Omni Bridgeway offer their services to coordinate the case, and to build and manage infrastructure and IT solutions that make it possible to combine company and truck data into relevant evidence.

If you are a truck owner or lessee, you will receive a payout of 70% of the final recovery after litigation costs have been subtracted. You can find the details in the contract available to your company once you have created an account here.

Key Properties

Highly Experienced Coordination Team
Top Tier Law Firm
One Of The Largest Groups Of Bundled Claims
Aligned Interests Across Parties
Knowledgeable Economic Experts
Strong Focus On Client Support
Successful Track Record In Large Claims
Solid Funding

Possible value of your damage




Identify relevant legal entities & sign agreement
Manage entire legal process
Pay for all related legal and court fees
Hire and pay for damages experts to calculate your damages
Bear (adverse) cost risk
Cooperate to find historic data on trucks
Provide periodic updates on process

If you are interested in joining the foundation click here.