Next steps

Before you decide to join our Foundation, it is important to fully understand what you may expect and, equally, what the Foundation will expect from you.

In practice, the Foundation manages the entire legal process, pays all the legal costs and court fees, hires and pays for all experts necessary to solidify the case and bears the (adverse) cost risk. Whether the claim is ultimately successful or not, the Foundation bears the full financial risk.

The Foundation does most of the work. For this claim to be successful however, we require certain information from you:

  • The first step is to start investigating which legal entities within your group of companies have actually bought or leased trucks during the 1997-2011 period in the European Economic Area, because all these legal entities will need to sign a contract with the Foundation. Our legal counsels will assist in this process.

  • We will further ask you to look for a specific set of historical receipts and other purchase / lease related data. These data are needed to calculate the damage caused by the cartel.

  • We would like to have as much detail as possible, but we realise that especially the older data may be more difficult to find. Often, there are multiple solutions for obtaining the required data, such as via our trusted third party providers. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to facilitate you and help you where we can. Our experts will calculate your damage in due course and may or may not get in touch again for additional data requests.

  • The final step is for you to do absolutely nothing and let the legal experts do their work. Omni Bridgeway’s team will periodically contact you to inform you about relevant developments as and when they happen.

If you have further questions, we welcome you to contact us at, +31 70 338 4343, or via your regular contact person at Omni Bridgeway.

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